Lost and Found


To add a lost or found cat please email Rose at, with a picture if possible. This is a free service to all. We hope that the pet will be found and returned to its owner.

MINNIE - BREED: Mixed Breed Feline. She weighs approx. 14 lbas. and is a tri color beautiful kitty.

Family is devistated - If you find her, please report it on or call 1-877-PETLINK (1-877-738-5465) Thanks for taking a look at her posting. She is missing in the Pattersonville NY area - rt 160 (Minnie is an indoor kitty who got out accidently.)

Please call anytime for info or if you have seen her or found her: 518-887-2834 or cell 518-588-6362

Missing!! Precious, a 13 yr old Tortoise/Calico female, spayed. Very old and fragile. Was on her way for a vet appt when she decided she like to be outside after 12yrs of inside life. She is from a multiple cat household, however, not sure how she would react to a big-bad tom. We miss her terribly as do her brothers and the dog! Afraid she may have wanted out to pass on to Kitty Heaven. No news hurts so terribly, please contact Dani at Thank you for any info you might have.


Large White Male with Grey Ears and Tail - green eyes, may or may not respond to "JOHNNY" depending on mood. He is very loveable and beloved. Last seen August 4, 2011 near North Broadway and 2nd Street, Saratoga Springs. Had green collar with purple tage.

If seen or in possession of contact: Elizabeth @ 518-587-4357

Our Cat Ferguson was lost Friday night December 4th, 2009

He has no Collar. Golden Brown Persian.


Contact Laura # 518-210-8219

Please help us find Malone - he's been missing since Tues. 9/22/09 from the Rt. 9 Wilton area. He's a neutered grey tiger cat - 6 yrs. old. and weighs approx. 18 lbs.




I personally want to add this message to all of you who have lost your beloved pet & I want to share with you an awful but true story that happend to Neutron - the gorgeous tiger to the left!

During the awful ice storm in the middle of December, 08 Neutron was boarded at a boarding facility due to his owners home loosing power. His owners had to stay elsewhere during the power outage but no animals were allowed, therefore they decided to board him to 'keep him safe and warm.' Because Neutron was an indoor-only cat, he had never been outside or ever dealt with the winter cold, more less snow & ice! They thought they were doing the best thing for him but not long after they brought Neutron to the kennel, Neutron had escaped and was outside loose and on his own. You ask why or how could this happen? this is why - because the metal crate that Neutron was put in had no bottom tray in it, therefore allowing the cat to get out of the large open squares at the bottom. This never should have happened. All crates are equipped with trays which keep animals inside the crate & safe.

When Jeremy and his wife went to pick up Neutron the very next day they were told their cat was gone. (talk about anger and being scard you'll never see your pet again, or your pet was dead or would be?) Well, the holiday season was totally ruined. All they did along with friends, was search for Neutron day after day, week after week, ice storm after ice storm, the temperatures dropped and dropped and more ice fell from the sky. Neutron. THEN.........out of the blue. Neutron came back, there were foot prints of him, then the kennel left food for him and he started eating the food until one day he came back in the kennel and was then captured!

Neutron is now safe, happy, warm and will never be boarded again!

I wanted to give you some encouragement & tell you do not give up on your lost pet, even if you think it is hopeless. Neutron was an indoor cat and knew nothing about barking dogs which was at the kennel, snow storms, ice storms, freezing temps or just being outside - he had no claws either.


Schenectady, Union St/ Rugby Rd area. Orange male cat. He has a greenish/brown color on the bottom of his mouth. He been missing for a few weeks.We check shelters and craigs list daily.



I found this cat around my house last week. It keeps coming back so I have been feeding it. Its orange and white. I don't know much about cats, where as I don't know the age or gender. Its definately not just a stray, but I fear it has wandered from home for a while and cannot remember how to get back. Ellis Hospital area.

Please feel free to email me at to help reunite "kitty" with its family.

SMUDGE-He isn’t chipped, he is neutered. Smudge is 13, but looks younger, and never goes away for longer than 2 hours. He sleeps on the pillow next to mine at night, doesn't like really windy weather but doesn't mind the rain. He doesn't mix well with other cats - has only been friendly with 2 cats and very rarely goes to anybody. He is not a fighter, he is small for a tom cat.

I am heartbroken, he is my child and I NEED him in my life. He will be scared and alone and he will not know what to do because I've been soft with him. He needs to be in my bed at night. He needs my cuddles and I need his purrs. I can't bare to think of him suffering somewhere alone. Lost in the area of Queensbury, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Contact: Mary or email

JONNY-Approx. 13, has sight problems and is extremely timid around people. "Jonny" is a black cat with a
white face "mask", white neck, belly and white paws. He was last seen on Albany-Shaker Rd at Buchman Dr
(around the corner from Corporate Woods) on 8/28.








Please help us find Bella! Missing from Comstock Road, Greenfield Center/Corinth area. She is a special needs kitty and it is imperative we find her. She is a Himalayan w/ beautiful blue eyes, grey face, ears, feet and tail. Her family misses her immensely! If you've seen her or know where she is, We are offering a reward for her return.

Please call 654-8069 or 495-4924

COCO-Cocoa is a black friendly and adorable neutered male cat. He has a distinguishable sigh. He was wearing a red color heart shaped tag when he got lost. He weighs approximately 15 pounds. He wandered off on Saturday, April 14, 2007 in Country Knolls South. He lives in Country Knolls North so the area is unfamiliar to him.
Please call us if he happens to cross your path.

Contact: Nick and Tori @ 518-877-5813 We miss him terribly!


MIDNIGHT-11 year old black cat, had a white flea collar on. He is an outdoor cat, but always came home. He has been missing since the first of September. I live in Latham off Rt. 2 near K-mart, He has never been away for more than a day or two. We are worried about him. Some of the neighbors saw him walking around during the day a few days ago, but no one has seen him since. He is our pet and we miss him and don't know what happened to him.

Please call 785-5850 if you spot him.

Missing 7/24/06
Harley- Tortishell Calico, spayed female, wearing black collar with gold bell, no tags, indoor cat. She has extra toes on her front feet - 6 on each.
Personality: Very timid, skittish, and shy. Wants to be loved, but doesn't trust anyone! If you chase her, she will run. If she comes up to you and lets you pet her, she may purr very loudly.
Where: Lost in the woods just north of the Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital.
Contact: Deb, Dan, Rebecca or Stephen Rancour @ 583-1601 or take her to the Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital.


STORMY-Smoke torti purebred persian. She is white/black w/some very small and light patches of orange. Missing in the Elmer Ave Sch'dy area since 7/10/06. She is not an outdoor cat. She is pregnant and needs medication or she will abort her litter which puts her life at risk. We miss her terribly and need her home asap! There is a reward for her.
Contact: Deanna at 280-2800


CLEO-Approx. 2 1/2 and very friendly. She has been missing since Mothers Day and we have looked every where. She is the calico NOT the gray cat but it was the only picture we had of her. PLEASE NOTICE THE SMALL BLACK STREAK NEXT TO HER LEFT NOSTRIL.

Contact: Katie (Saratoga Springs, NY) 518-695-5219


SMOKEY-Jockey Street, Ballston Spa near Galway, NY. We have been missing our cat, Smokey since September. We still search for him and if you have seen him [dead or alive] we would like to know. We miss him so much and want him back or know what has happened to him. He is a LARGE neutered male with long grey hair. He is super loving, will follow you around and loves to be a lap cat. He likes to ride in cars and has been declawed [front paws only] Please take a close look at him and check your barns, etc.



Long-haired grey male cat,extremely friendly!!!!He is 10lbs 7oz, & was recently neteured on Oct.14th, along w/his shots. He got outside in the middle of the nite, Sat Oct 15th.We had 50-60mph winds that weekend and he got lost. He is lost from the area of Birchton Rd, Ballston Spa. I'm offering a reward.

Contact: or call 518-265-4166


I lost my best friend. All black long-haired, yellow eyes. She is 6yrs. old & is spayed. She is so friendly, she's very close to me, always following me around, always comes when I call her. She's an inside/outside cat. She disappeared on Sept.7th,and we've been searching ever since. I will never give up hope. I'm lost without her. I dream of her every nite. I am offering a reward. She is lost from the area of Birchton Rd. Ballston Spa, NY

Contact: or call 518-265-4166


SPIKE - grey and white domestic short hair. he is very friendly but shy around new people. his 5 yr. old owner misses him terribly as do we. We have offered a reward for his return.


Contact: or call 506-9068



DAISY-longhair domestic tortoiseshell. Ran out of the house 9/26/2004. She is spayed, has no side vision, is about 4 years old, no collar, always an inside cat. She was clinically dead, she was rescued from two boys trying to drown her. She really couldn't feed herself or fend for herself outside with no peripheral vision. She is missing from Brickyard Rd area in Mechanicville NY.

Contact: Dianne Noblett @ or call 518-664-3168


BUTTERNUT-Disappeared from Rosendale Estates in Niskayuna, near the corner of Rosehill Boulevard and Gloria Drive.Shorthair orange tiger. He is blondish/orange, although if he's been outside, his coat may be growing thicker and turning more orange. He has a white spot in the middle of his chest, yellow eyes, dark freckles on his nose and lips, a white tip on his tail, and a small niche out of his left ear from an earlier scuffle. His stripes are more prominent on his head and tail. He is 17 or 18 years old (got him from the shelter when he was a baby), however he's been relatively healthy and strong for his age. He is neutered & up to date w/shots.He had been eating and drinking when he left & the vet has always said that he doesn't display the usual signs of his age, except for a slight liver deficiency and some cataracts, which up until then hadn't posed much of a problem for him. He had still been pretty agile and playful. Butternut has always been basically an indoor house cat. He's very affectionate and mild mannered, except when threatened, scared, or at the vets. He acts more human than an animal, if that makes any sense. Butternut has always been a howler and has a rather plaintiff wail if he is lost or feels like he's lost. Butternut has been my best friend and soul mate for years, and I just can't live without him (figuratively, of course). We miss him terribly and really need him back with us. The most important thing for people to remember is not to "assume" that a cat is "just a neighbor's" animal. They have been known to wander great distances to return to a previous address, to find food, or to follow other cats. The newspaper is always the first place to check, as it is the most logical and known resource to someone who is not aware of other resources available to him or her, or who may not have the financial resources or wherewithall to pursue other avenues.