St. Michael's Monastery Church, Union City, NJ
Church records for:
St. Mary's Church, West Hoboken, NJ 1861 - 1865,
St. Paul's Church, West Hoboken, NJ 1865 - 1873,
St. Michael's Church, West Hoboken, NJ 1865 - 1921,
St. Joseph's Church, Union City, NJ 1887 - 1966.
Above: St. Michael's Church
Right: The Main Alter
Below: The fire of 1934

St. Michael's Church records were microfilmed in 1986 in Salt Lake City, by the Genealogical Society of Utah. They are stored on 3 - 35mm microfilm reels. Some records are in English, but most are in Latin. The records contain information of genealogical interest including birth dates, parent names. marriage information and more. The films can be ordered through the Family History Center (FHC). To find the FHC near you, contact your local Church of Latter Day Saints or visit their FHC locator. The microfilm roles are titled "St. Michael Church records, 1861-1921 & St. Joseph Church records, 1887-1966". Their microfilm numbers are 1455521, 1455522 & 1455523.

Notes: Microfilm of originals at the church. The first item on roll 1455521 is for St. Mary of West Hoboken in Jersey City. There is some indication this church became St. Michael. The second item on this roll has St. Paul on the spine but there is no St. Paul noted for Union City or Jersey City so this may be an old name or merger with St. Michael. St. Michael and St. Joseph of Union City, were combined in 1982. All Items are from St. Michael's unless otherwise noted. Records are in Latin unless otherwise notes. Includes individual indexes for baptisms and marriages except where noted. Marriage indexes are to groom only.

Film # 1455521
Combined 1861-1865 (St. Mary's) (No marriage index) (baptisms, confirmations, marriages)
Combined 1865-1873 (St. Paul) (baptisms & marriages mixed)
Baptisms Volume 3, 1865-1875 & 1880-1883, Marriages 1880-1898 (No marriage index)
Baptisms Volume 4, 1876 - Jan 1884
Baptisms Volume 5, 1884-1891
Baptisms Volume 6, Jan 1891 - Jul 1896
Baptisms Volume 7, 1896-1901

Film # 1455522
Baptisms Volume 8, 1901-1906
Baptisms Volume 9, 1906-1908
Baptisms Volume 10, 1908-1913 (English)
Baptisms Volume 11, 1913-1917 (English)
Marriages 1865-1877
Marriages Volume 3, 1877-1908
Marriages Volume 4, 1908-1921
Communions Volume 1, 1887-1911 (English with index)

Film # 1455523
Confirmations Volume 2, 1887-1908 (English with index)
Confirmations Volume 3, June 1908-1917 (English with index)
Baptisms 1887-1898 (St. Joseph's)
Baptisms 1898-1915 (St. Joseph's)
Marriages 1887-1902 (St. Joseph's) (no index)
Marriages 1904-1933 (St. Joseph's)
Interments 1891-1966 (St. Joseph's) (English)
Combined 1888-1929 (St. Joseph's) (English) (communion, confirmations)

St. Michael's, great fire of 1934.
note the Empire State building in the background.

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