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Richmond Iron Works (RIW), Richmond Furnace, Massachusetts, USA
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SIA is a not for profit organization of volunteers who are interested in Industrial Archeology. SIA promotes the identification, interpretation, preservation, and reuse of historical industrial and engineering sites, structures, and equipment.  The people of SIA are industrial engineers; acedemics in industrial, historical, geophysical, etc. fields of study; photographers; and any one with an interest in crumbling building and rusting hulks left behind and deserving historical recognition.

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RIW Furnace Stack

Richmond Iron Works (RIW)
RIW Furnace Stack surrounded by Limestone (Marble) wall remains of the 1830's factory. Roof of owners house at top.

National Historic District Registration - August 1999

 The district boundary includes the charcoal fired furnace that produced cast iron pigs, the surrounding factory remains consisting mostly of stone walls, the nearby iron ore mines and limestone quarries, the works Office and Iron Masters house, and several workers houses.

Richmond Iron Works and Local History page

Richmond Iron Works (RIW) 1829 to 1923. Almost 100 years of Iron mining and smelting into pigs using charcoal for fuel and limestone for flux. The iron was used in Rodman Guns, in the iron cladding plates for the Monitor, and railroad wheels for many years. A 300 acre area surrounding the furnace stack and the iron ore mines is included in the proposed National Historic District.

Many local sources have been searched to provide information on RIW's operations and the history of the people who labored at the works. An extensive land survey using a Theodolite has been completed to provide a 3 dimensional accurate record of the area and the many archaeological features found.

Society for Industrial Archeology (SIA)
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Northern New England Chapter (NNEC)

Southern New England Chapter (SNEC), Boston, Ma.


October 7 - SNEC Business Meeting at The Original Yankee Steam Up, New England Wireless and Steam Museum, East Greenwich, RI

May 5-7, 2000 - IronMasters 2000 - Massachusetts: Roots of Iron

February 5, 2000 - Winter Meeting, Plymouth State College, Plymouth, NH

January 20, 2000 - Belcher Mallable Iron Foundry, Easton, MA

November 16, 1999 - New England Ropes & Braton Point Power Station Tour, MA, RI

September 1999 - Granite Quarrying Sites in Rockport, MA

July 1999 - Toured the "Big Dig," Boston's Central Artery and Tunnel project. 
The project has been under construction since late 1991, and it is now over half completed.  It spans 7.5 miles of highway, 161 lane miles in all, about half in tunnels.  The larger of two Charles River bridges, a 10-lane cable-stay bridge, will be the widest ever built and the first to use an asymmetrical design.

Thanks to all who responded to the questionnaire regarding future tours. The response was wholeheartedly in favor of weekday tours if that is what it takes to tour operating facilities. Therefore, I am currently scheduling dates for tours of the following operations to be held over the next several months. Watch your mail for details!
Belcher Foundry -- Easton, MA ---
LB. Starrett -- Athol, MA
Wyman-Gordon -- North Grafton, MA
Washington Abrasives -- North Grafton, MA
New England Ropes -- Fall River, MA

I am also trying to schedule a second tour of Boston's Big Dig. The response to the initial invitation was overwhelming, over twice the 13 people allowed on the tour. Those of you that tried to sign up for the first tour but were too late calling will be the first contacted for the second tour, once scheduled. We've anticipated the second tour for this Fall, but with high demand and over scheduling at the Big Dig, it now sounds like they are not willing to book us again until next Spring.

Greg Galer
SNEC Vice President/Program Chair


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