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Descendants of ANDREAS DANNEIL of Unseburg, Germany

1  ANDREAS DANNEIL  d: June 24, 1689 Unseburg, Prussia (Germany) +n.n.  d: December 29, 1696 Unseburg, Prussia (Germany)
.  2  CHRISTOPH DANNEIL  b: 1654 Unseburg, Prussia (Germany)  d: August 28, 1737 Unseburg, Prussia (Germany)
....  +Orthia Kruse  m: November 09, 1679 Unseburg, Germany  d: January 06, 1695/96 Unseburg, GERMANY

See my Danneil Family page for many more records found in the books of St. Stephan's Church, Unseburg, Germany during our visit March, 2001.

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  Society for Industrial Archeology (SIA) at Michigan State University, Northern New England Chapter, Southern New England Chapter

  Genealogy - Johann Friedrich Danneil (1783-1868) - Archaeology of Altmark, Germany, museum in Salzwedel; George W. G. Ferris inventor of the Ferris Wheel; Downard of Keosauqua, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, etc.; Edward Doty (Mayflower); Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson - Founder of Rhode Island, descendent of King Edward I, ancestor of Presidents F. D. Roosevelt, G. H. W. Bush.

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JF Danneil

 J. F. Danneil museum in Salzwedel, Germany.
J. F. Danneil is recognized to be the inventor of the Age classifications of Iron, Bronze, Stone. He developed this classifying method while investigating the Archaeological remains in Altmark where the Prussians first entered German territory.

Danneil Family Genealogy


RIW Furnace Stack

  RIW Furnace Stack surrounded by Limestone (Marble) wall remains of the 1830's factory. Roof of owners house at top.

National Historic District Registration - August 1999

 The district boundary includes the charcoal fired furnace that produced cast iron pigs, the surrounding factory remains consisting mostly of stone walls, the nearby iron ore mines and limestone quarries, the works Office and Iron Masters house, and several workers houses.

Richmond Iron Works History


A few Downard's

Just a few Downard's!

 Keosauqua, Iowa, 1995.

 About 80!

Downard Family Genealogy


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