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Johann Friedrich Danneil (1783-1868) - Archaeology of Altmark, Germany, museum in Salzwedel

Downard of Keosauqua, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, etc.

George Washington Gale Ferris - Inventor of the Ferris Wheel (a Danneil relative)

Edward Doty (Mayflower); Anne Marbury Hutchinson - Founder of Rhode Island, descendent of King Edward I, ancestor of Presidents.

JF Danneil

  J. F. Danneil museum in Salzwedel, Germany.
J. F. Danneil is recognized to be the inventor of the Age classifications of Iron, Bronze, Stone. He developed this classifying method while investigating the Archaeological remains in Altmark where the Prussians first entered German territory.

Danneil Family Genealogy - Includes George W. G. Ferris

A few Downard's

Just a few Downard's!

 Keosauqua, Iowa, 1995.

 About 80!

Downard Family Genealogy

My Wife - Eleanor Morris & Family History

Edward Doty (Mayflower); Anne Marbury Hutchinson (Founder of Rhode Island) - a 900+ page 3 volume work, 13000 names, published by Arlene Abbott the primary researcher / supporter, and Jeff Lovell ( ) professional genealogist / researcher/ publisher and relative.

Among Anne Hutchinson's relatives are 2 USA Presidents and most of Europe's royalty. The published volumes are organized into the following major relationship lineages -- Edward Doty (Mayflower) to Sarah Doty (1599 - 1767), Isaac Commenus to Walter Blount (1025 - 1350), Charles Martel to Matilda of Flanders (689 - 1632), Sceaf to Alfred the Great (2 - 849), and Descendants of Alfred the Great (the major section)


Statue of Ann Marbury Hutchinson (by Syrus E. Dallin)
Boston - Behind the gold-domed State House

Among Anne Hutchenson's relatives are 2 USA Presidents (Franklin Delano Roosevelt and George Bush) and most of Europe's royalty.


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