Downard Genealogy

Downard of Keosauqua, Iowa; Pennsylvania, Kentucky, etc.

A few Downward

Just a few Downard's!

 Keosauqua, Iowa, 1995.

 About 80!

J. P. Downard, Perry County, Ky. , professional genealogist and former newspaper reporter. JP has extensively investigated his family and has over 450 Downard's in his database along with well over 2000 relatives.  His research on the Downard family primarily covers the Pittsburgh, PA area as the family origin, nearby areas of Ohio, and Kentucky.  However, he hadn't found any of the Iowa Downard's in his research.  The mystery continues below with my mother's family - the Downard's of Iowa.

One rare bird!!! Verne Downard's support of bird watching in Birdwatcher's Paradise , Lacey Park, Keosauqua, and his cavorting with the birds in his ultra-light airplane (at 75+ years).



Keosauqua Airport - The Takeoff

Verne Downard Flying High 1995



The Aviator with his Para-Plane

Henry deBohun
Companion of William the Conqueror

John Henry (Jackie) Downard (First in Iowa, Gun Maker) - Mary Ann Price


John Lincoln Downard
Wedding Picture 1906

Justina Bohun
Wedding Picture

Justina & John Lincoln Downard
(before 1950)





Children of John Lincoln 1940
Frances Neta, Orlen, Roy

The Children of John Lincoln 1989
Keneth, Ruth, Verne, Margurite, Berty, Dale




Legendary Home of Downard's about 1555

Reproduction of first church 1692 - St. Augustine Parish, Maryland  (now Delaware)

Known Home of Downard's in Pennsylvania

Land for this church was donated by Downard family


The Downard's of Iowa - My Mother's Family

The family story is that three brothers left their home in Pennsylvania together.  When they came to the Mississippi river they decided to break up - one went South to Louisiana, one went North to Minnesota, and the other crossed the river to Iowa.

The mystery is that JP Downard's extensive records research doesn't contain my relative, and doesn't chronicle the departure of three brothers.

My family knows that it originated from the same Walnut Hill area of Pennsylvania (South of Pittsburgh), and still has known relatives near there.  My grandfather John Lincoln Downard visited PA several times and married a beautiful girl that he met there - Justina Bohun (married February 15, 1906 in Blair, Allegheny County, PA).

Justina Bohun's family origins is another great mystery story since the only information the family has is that she believed her family came from the Baden area of Germany.  Justina, her Mother and a brother came over on a ship together with a aunt.  But her mother and brother died from disease within a few years in Pennsylvania.  She was then raised by the Roth family - the aunt on the ship was her mother's sister.

The story continues!

Les Seigneurs de Bohun (The Noblemen of Bohun)

The history of the Bohun family has been documented in England from Humphrey the Old who accompanied William the Conqueror when he invaded England.  Very little information was found about the family from any other sources.  Recently a book was found in UCLA's library that chronicles the Bohun family origins in France - Les Seigneurs de Bohun by Jean LeMelletier, Coutances: Arnaud-Bellee, 1978.

The old missing link!  I haven't found any information on Justina Bohun and where she came from.  The book above is the most interesting information I have come across that might indicate her origins.

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