Kingston, March 28th, 2004.

We had six individuals and families bring modules, and one other member came and helped out. The layout was 15' X 26'. Despite yours truly being very late, we had trains running well before the show opened. Track problems were few, and the trains ran well. We had one train that was about thirty feet long! Towards the end of the show, we put one line on DCC. Despite Murphy's best efforts, we got three trains running eventually. It was cool.

Neil also took some pictures. His are at: Neil's Pix, or try

The layout.

Will's steam engines. It's not often you see New Haven and UP steam doubleheading, with doublestacks on the next track!

Ed's module with Mark's (I think) train.  

Kathy's Rutland engine and the milk train.

Ed's LLOONNGG!!! stack train on Ed's module.

Kathy setting up DCC.  

And, what does one do when one wants to play with trains without interference? Tell the kids to play with your GameBoys!