Winterfest 2005. Held on January 29th and 30th at the "Big E" in West Springfield, Massachusetts. This wasn't an Albany N-Trak club event, but Bob Gatland and I attended. I had two modules in the show. Most of the club members passed by sometime over the two days. There were several clubs involved. The Genesee-Ontario Ngineers, from the Rochester area, Long Island N-Trak, Northern New Jersey N-Trak, and Northeast N-Trak, which organizes the event, had people there. I think there were some other groups too.

One of the highlights for me was getting my first train running under overhead wire. It wasn't a big setup but it worked! I think I need more tension on the overhead (see the picture...). Thanks to Tom Savage, who gave me several N-Cat trolley pole kits after a clinic at the Edison show in 2000, and to Keith Reinschreiber, who provided the length of overhead wire. I got the pantograph at the Edison show too - I'm not sure if I bought that from Tom Savage or from someone else.
I'm not sure where this will go from here, but I suspect there will be more of this at some point. I know I need more engines... The silver streak shown here is a modified Mehano FA2. There are easy engines to work on, since they only drive the rear truck. There is plenty of room to work in the front of the engine. I spray painted it to be distinctive - no attempt at a prototype here!

Here's a shot of the layout from up a convenient nearby stairway.

The "layout under the module" is a big hit with the shorter crowd. Part of the draw is the non-train things there. Here's Eric playing with Pokemon and running a train..

Towards the end of the show, Kevin and I were running 67% of the trains. Here's Kevin following his "blue puppy".

And here's my train.