Polish Community Center, March 16th, 2008.

We had six people/families bring modules. The layout was 18' X 15', with an extension that totalled about 9'. Trains ran well and we had a good time. There were four members under 20 in the layout - a good sign for the future, I hope.

The layout. Will and his dad are on the left, Matt (with the hat) and Mike are in the middle, and Brian H. is on the right.


Will was home from college and came with his module. Here is Will's train on Will's module.


The BendTrak end loop.


This was a serious intermodal train, until the Lego guys came out looking for ride! Kevin and Matt tried to setup a full train of Lego guys, but they kept falling over. These guys were crammed in tightly enough that they stayed upright.