Polish Community Center, November 19, 2006.

We merged the N-Trak and T-Trak layouts. It worked well. We were a little rushed setting up and we had a few rough spots at first, but things got worked out and it was a good show.
  We were in the bar area, as we are every fall. But this year we didn't get the crowd control ropes up, and people were pulling barstools over to the layout and sitting and watching the trains. This worked very well. People were more relaxed and kids could see the trains without having to be held or grabbing the layout.
  They weren't serving beer.

The layout and the bar area, with spectators on bar stools.

Matt and Kevin learn about sitting on bar stools.

Thomas, James, and Henry were real crowd pleasers. Here James pulls a train with figures from the movie "Cars".  

The T-Trak layout (1/2 finished modules, 1/2 not so finished) and the new connector module to the N-Trak layout.

Kevin's train on Bob Gatland's T-Trak module.

Matt ran a 42 car train around the N-Trak and T-Trak layout. Here it is almost catching its tail! Kevin's train is shown too - it ran for hours.

Bob Gatland ran a troop train, shown here on one of the club 4' corners.