GTE, Albany, December 4, 2005.

The layout was 20' by 34'. Trains ran well. We had modules from ten members. Bob Gatland brought a new bridge module (which, for some reason, I only took one picture of). It worked well. Mark Fleischauer, one of the southern contingent, came up with his modules. We never seem to have the same person from down south two years in a row - there must be a reason... We had a good number of kids involved, something I consider important to the future of the hobby. DCC was set up on the outer main and front passing tracks, and regular DC was used on the inner main and branch line tracks (two blocks on each line), so we had two groups of train runners.

The layout, with Butch doing something underneath, Bob M. just past him, Bob G. in the middle backround, and others chatting over Mike's yard.

A boy and his train, on Doug's module.

Some of the other younger members.  

Neil and his son, with Mike in the background. Also the only picture I took of the lift bridge.

Some of the DCC group.