Great Train Extravaganza, December 6th, 2009.

The layout was very similar to last year's - 14' X 23', with a 6' extension. We had six people/families bring 46' of straight modules, plus corners and a return loop. Trains ran well, except when someone kicked the power plug out of the outlet, and we had a good time.

The layout shortly before showtime, with Joseph, Bob, and Brian E. setting things up.


We had several trains run for quite a while. Neil had a 54 car train that ran very well for several hours. Here it is running through GN country (Doug's modules). The end of the train is visible on the module with the clock.


At the NMRA convention this summer, I learned about New Haven TOFC service. I have started modelling a train from the mid-1940s, which had mostly 50' flat cars and 24' trailers, pulled by Alco DL-109s. Here it is running through Brian's new-ish station module, with caternary (and European buildings, as it's supposed to be a European station module).