Columbia-Greene Community College, March 2nd, 2008. We had the faculty lounge to ourselves, which we pretty much filled. Four of us brought modules, so we sort of each had a track to ourselves. Two lines were DCC and two were DC. At one point, we had seven trains running (but only two on DCC!).

Here is the layout, in an uncrowded moment. People are watching Matt do some switching.

There were a lot of kids there. They LOVED Thomas (and James and Henry and Percy, and the fast trains, and "slowey", etc.). A few of them put their hands on the layout but there was no damage (just an occasional "earthquake").


Brian brought out some of his German trains.

The D&H detoured over the Northern Pacific.

The Northern Pacific running through Montana, perhaps?

How many cars are really on Doug's module?.

Lastly, a final shot of James and Thomas going around a curve. The room was well lit by the windows and the sunny day. This meant the camera flash didn't always kick in, and the shutter speed was slower, and the trains seemed to be moving faster than normal, and they got a little fuzzy in some shots...