Glens Falls Civic Center, December 12th, 2009.

This was another fun show. I brought enough T-Trak modules for a layout about eight feet long, and Matt brought a two-piece layout that was also eight feet. We had them on tables next to each other. Marv was also there to help out and keep us company.

Matt and his layout.

The T-Trak layout.

The T-Trak standards were changed to allow larger cars to pass on the corner modules. This is an example of the problem - the well car with the Lego guys can't pass the engine.

Here's another shot of the T-Trak layout.
  At a show last spring, a kid said the freight cars were too clean. So, decals were used to put graffitti onto some covered hoppers, and one was weathered as well. It's possible to do switching on a T-Trak layout. There are magnets in most of my modules for this purpose, including a retractable magnet on the main line. Here, an engine is spotting a car. (I've had this engine for a year - it was only while looking at the pictures that I realized I never removed the packing foam that protects the railings!). Matt's layout has some stepped trackwork, which makes a train going across it look real neat. It's even better when the train is in motion.