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Interview with Cliff Burton, WCSB Radio, Cleveland, 12/83

Give a loud "Metal Up Your Ass" to Jason Arthur for transcribing this interview

12/83 WCSB Cleveland Radio Interview With Cliff Burton. Ken: Hello.

Cliff: WCSB live on tape from Courtland, New York...the sewer.

Ken: That's near Rochester somewhere far about, a long way.

Cliff: Fresh out of a gig at the Riverboat.

Ken: Pretty heavy. But anyway we're talking to Cliff Burton the bassist extraordinaire for the heavy metal - extremely heavy metal band - Metallica.

Cliff: Lead drunkard...

Ken: Lead drunkard? Hmmm. Well anyway, so hey Cliff how you doing?

Cliff: Alright...Good to see ya again Ken. (laughter)

Ken: Hey that's good to be welcome, thanks Cliff!

Cliff: yeah...

Ken: So Cliff what's the future look like, man?

Cliff: Future. Looks like we're gonna go to Europe...and drink good beer.

Ken: Good beer in Europe.

Cliff: And play with Venom and play with the Rods and play with...

Ken: More beer.

Cliff: Whatever else comes up, you know?

Ken: That's cool, definitely.

Cliff: Just go around here and there and generally cause trouble for all those European types. (laughter)...And record the album.

Ken: Yeah, when are you gonna be recording that album?

Cliff: Let's see...We're gonna record that son of a bitch...

Ken: March.

Cliff: March. (laughter) After the Venom tour we're going to record the album.

Ken: That's looking good.

Cliff: March you say? I'll trust you, March is good enough for me. Copenhagen in Sweet Silence Studios. It's where Rainbow did their last three albums. Early Mercyful Fate...

Ken: So Cliff, what do you have to say about our Cleveland jam-out public?

Cliff: Cleveland was wonderful. We had a real good time in Cleveland, lot's of good people.

Ken: Cliff, so how long have you been playing bass?

Cliff: I've been playing bass...It'll be about 8 years right about now.

Ken: 8 years?

Cliff: Well, give or take a year.

Ken: So who's your main influences there, Cliff?

Cliff: Main influences...Geezer Butler, Geddy Lee, Stanley Clarke, Roth, Jimi Hendrix, Tony Iommi...

Other guy in studio: Yngwie!

Cliff: No, not Yngwie...(laughter). Richie Blackmore! Ed King! Old guitar player for Lynard Skynard. He is fuckin' bad as shit!

Other guy: What!?

Cliff: That motherfucker...I swore a few times, I guess I wasn't supposed to do that...

Ken: How'd you get in Metallica?

Cliff: They called me for about 6 months and finally I decided that was the thing to do.

Ken: That was the hip scene, huh?

Cliff: Well, Trauma got a bit boring.

Ken: Yeah? That was a pretty good tune on Metal Massacre, though.

Cliff: Yeah, but they started to change you know. Like "let's be commercial so everybody will like us."

Ken: Did those guys put out anything after that?

Cliff: I doubt it...very seriously! (laughter) They're not too happening man, I'd seen 'em about a month before I left Cal...

Ken: So what do you think of Megaforce Records, Cliff?

Cliff: It's the most wonderful label in the universe, and we couldn't ask for anything more. But seriously, there's rather a lack of money. But there's a lot done on what is there. They get a lot accomplished for what they have.

Ken: So how's the album sales on Kill Em All? Gettin' there or what?

Cliff: 60,000 world-wide, something like that.

Ken: That's cool. That's pretty many. Is it steadily selling or what?

Cliff: Yes it's still moving.

Ken: That's cool. So how's the tour been so far on this short little tour going on here?

Cliff: The tour's been good. Been staying pretty inebriated...Puffin' the spleafage.

Ken: Puffin' the spleafage?

Cliff: Sure.

Ken: I hear these dudes keep coming up from this town with these buds...

Cliff: Yeah, in some dump called Cleveland. (laughter)

Ken: Oh well..

Cliff: No, Cleveland's nice. We liked Cleveland a lot. It was one of the better stops actually. It was a good club, it was a good crowd.

Ken: That's decent.

Cliff: It's a pity we didn't make it there on the Raven tour, though.

Ken: You'll be back.

Cliff: Oh we'll be back, definitely.

Ken: That's cool. So everything's set for Europe, huh?

Cliff: Yeah we got tickets and everything, man.

Ken: So how many gigs do you think you'll be doing out there?

Cliff: I don't know about 8 or 10 dates with Venom, we got various headlining dates I don't know how many. And we got the Kerrang Music For Nations Tour. The Rods, Excitor, and us...

that's all....for now