Fishing for Salmon is the trickiest of all.  They are smart. I like to troll with light line for them (4# to 6#).  The fight of a salmon and the way they jump is a sight you'll remember. In the Spring I'll troll near the brooks, with Rapalas and Streamers, sometimes up to eight lines going, mostly right on the surface, with a couple 12' under.  Some people think Salmon "troll fast" but in the spring slow down, the water is so cold, the fish are slower. When the water comes up to around 43 the smelt start to run up the brooks to spawn, they are the primary feeding source in Lake George, and the fish follow them.  So we troll in front of the brooks around the Lake. As the summer progresses the salmon move deeper & deeper.  July & August, I still use light line on downrigger, but troll from 50' to 110' down for them, which still is alot of fun.  Toward October they head back to the brooks, to spawn themselves, we can catch them by getting them mad, but I prefer if you take a picture and let them go, this time of year especially. Unfortunately the Salmon fishing has slowed down in the last few years , but the Lake Trout are plentiful