Northern Pike

(which I call 'Great Northerns').

There are some big one in Lake George, up to 20 Lbs, and not to many people fish for them. I love to. Drifting through the weed bed, casting a daredevil or a live shiner is real productive. Later in the day I'll move to the edge of the weeds, to where it turns into grass where it is not so tall. They lay on the edge. As the summer goes on , they move deeper out to 40'-80'. They are to hard to catch drifting, so then I'll troll for them, which is great becuase not many people do that, and it is very active (also catching Large Mouth Bass at the same time). You must troll very slow and right on the bottom, also check your lines frequently, because your trolling above the grass. Northern's eye sight is like a Lake Trout, you can get away with heaver line, but I still use a clear monofiliment leader about 12 lb test. Lake George is very clean and the big ones don't get that way from being stupid.

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