Lake Trout

Lake Trout, are plentiful in Lake George. In the Spring, they are in shallow water, you can catch them from the surface, down to 70'. In the mornings, we'll troll near the brooks, because they follow the smelt, sometimes right up in the brook gorging on them. When you catch one, they spit smelt all over the place. Toward the afternoon, I'll head a little deeper for them, out to 70' or so with downriggers, still having some lines on the surface. They are good heavy fighters, especially on light line (6# to 8# test). I don't like to use what I call "cowbells" (big long heavy flashers), they do work too, but you fell a heavy drag, and not much of the fish. I like rapalas and small mooselock wobblers.

Toward the summer they move deeper, as deep as 180', but I'll fish mostly 80' to 120' for them, still using light line, so the fight is good. Around October they start to come up near the surface again and spawn. They are a sight to see when they spawn, in some secret spots along the lake. They are very hard to catch then.