Principal published works: (orchestra or chamber orchestra)
Theme and Variations. Viola and Orchestra.1940(Chappell/Wise)
Theme and Variations. Version for Viola, Strings and Harp.1954 (Chappell/Wise)
Pastorale and Dance. Violin and Orchestra. 1944(EAM)
Rendezvous for Clarinet and String Orchestra. 1946(EAM)
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra. 1948(Chappell/Wise)
Waltzes for Orchestra.1949(Chappell/Wise)
Hatikvah. Arranged for Orchestra.1949(MCA/EAM)
A Laurentian Overture. Orchestra.1951(Chappell/Wise)
Popacatepetl. Orchestra. 1952(Shawnee/Wise)
Prelude for Orchestra.1952 (Chappell/Wise)
Hup-Two-Three-Four. Jazz March for Orchestra 1953(Shawnee/Wise)
Ricky Tic Serenade. Orchestra. 1954(Shawnee/Wise)
Kol Nidre. Cello and Orchestra or String Quartet. 1970(EAM)
In Memoriam Sophie. Orchestra. 1982(EAM)
The Passionate Shepherd. SATB. and Harp. 1983(Hal Leonard HL 08711520)
Variations 1984 for Viola, Strings and Harp. 1984(Gems GPL 192)
Woodstock Waltzes. Chamber Orchestra. 1985(EAM)
Quilt. Orchestra. 1986(Shulman)
String orchestra works:
A Nocturne for Strings.1938 (Sam Fox/Alfred:sale)
Threnody. String Orchestra or Quartet. 1950 (Tetra/Alfred)
Portrait of Lisa. String Orchestra. 1954(Sam Fox/Alfred:sale)
Viennese Lace. String Orchestra. 1954(Sam Fox/Alfred:sale)
The Bop Gavotte. String Orchestra. 1954(Sam Fox/Alfred:sale)
Minuet for Moderns. String Orchestra. 1954(Sam Fox/Alfred:sale)
An Elizabethan Legend. String Orchestra. 1954(Sam Fox/Alfred:sale)
Ben Franklin Suite. String Orchestra. 1963(Piedmont/Hal Leonard)
Ripe for Plucking. String Orch. 1987 (Shulman)
Alan Shulman published works: (various ensembles)
Cradle Song. Piano or Harp. 1943(Hal Leonard)
J.S. on the Rocks (Nightcap). Clarinet/String Quartet/Bass/Guitar/Harp. 1947(Shawnee/Wise)
Vodka Float (Sailor's Dance). Clarinet/String Quartet/Bass/Guitar/Harp. 1947(Shawnee/Wise)
Dripping Faucet. Piano. 1959(Wise)
Lopsided. Piano. 1959(Wise)
March. Piano. 1960(Wise)
Five Duos for Student and Teacher. 2 cellos. 1960(Wise)
Hues of Blues. Piano. 1961 (Masters M4121)
One Man Show. Piano. 9 short works. 1961(Masters M4122)
Suite for the Young Cellist. Cello/Piano. 1961(Masters M4123)
Two Chorales for Brass. 1962(Alfred/Masters 50508001)
Three Sketches. String Bass/Piano. 1963(MCA)
New Directions for Strings:
  • Theme and Variations. 2 violins.
  • Duet. violin/viola or violin/cello.
  • Study in 5ths. violin/viola/cello.
  • 1967(Presser)
    Pastorale. Piano1960(Weintraub/Wise)
    Music for Motion Pictures:
    Private Smith of the U.S.A. RKO feature.
    (Signed by Nathaniel Shilkret, Arranged by Alan Shulman)
    T.V.A. This is America. Documentary. RKO-Pathé. 1946
    Freedom and Famine. Documentary. RKO-Pathé. 1946
    Port of New York. Documentary. RKO-Pathé. 1946(Mills)
    Behind Your Radio Dial. Documentary. RKO-Pathé. 1948
    The Tattooed Stranger. RKO feature. 1950(Mills)
    Available for sale:
    Song Of the Moon Festival in the Woods (text: John Milton).1934$10.00
    Homage to Erik Satie. Cello or Viola and Piano. 1938 $10.00
    Waltz. Violin/Piano. (New edition)1939$10.00
    Piece in Popular Style. Viola/Piano. (New edition)1939$10.00
    Lament. Cello/Piano. 1939$10.00
    Mood in Question. Clarinet/String Quartet/Harp. Parts.1939$20.00
    High Voltage. Clarinet/String Quartet/Bass/Guitar/Harp. Parts. 1939$20.00
    Theme and Variations. Viola/Piano. 1940$25.00
    Serenade. Cello/Piano. 1941$10.00
    Four Moods. String Quartet. Score/Parts. (New engraved edition.) 1942 $40.00
    Folk Songs for Winds. WW Quartet. Sc/Pts.1943$30.00
    Suite Based on American Folk Songs. (Includes Cod Liver 'Ile) Vn/Pno. 1944$25.00
    Rendezvous. Clarinet and Strings Score / Parts. 1946 $30.00
    Platter Chatter. Cl. Part and score 1946$20.00
    Cello Concerto. Cello/Piano. 1948$25.00
    Suite for Solo Cello. 1950$10.00
    Allegro, Intermezzo and Scherzo. String Quartet. Score/Parts. 1950$45.00
    Suite for Solo Viola. 1953$10.00
    Cadenzas for Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto, K. 299.1954$10.00
    Suite Miniature. Cello Octet. Score / Parts. 1956$55.00
    Top Brass. Score/Parts. 1958 $35.00
    Tess' Lament. Voice/Piano. 1959$10.00
    Pastorale and Two Pair. Cello Quartet. Score/Parts. (Gems GPL 237)1964$29.95
    Interstate 90. Symphonic Winds. Score (Parts: rental). 1968$10.00
    Kol Nidre. Cello/Piano. 1970 $20.00
    Elegy (Felix Salmond) Cello Octet. Score / Parts 1971 $20.00
    Bach/Shulman: Sarabande. Eng. Suite #3. Cello Quartet. Parts. 1974$10.00
    Jazz Grab Bag. Piano. 1975$10.00
    2 Episodes: Night and Ancora. Viola Quartet. Score/Parts. (Gems GPL 194) 1978 $29.95
    3 Canadian Folksongs for Violin Quartet. Score and Parts. (Gems GPL 198) 1978 $29.95
    Lament II. Cello/Piano. 1983$10.00
    Variations 1984. Viola/Piano. (Gems GPL 193) 1984 $29.95
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    Address inquiries for above to:
    Jay Shulman
    P.O. Box 602
    Claverack, N.Y. 12513