Compositions of Alan Shulman
Theme & Variations. (1940 version)Cathy Basrak, viola/Robert Koenig, piano.Cedille Records CDR 90000 053
Joseph De Pasquale, Angela ChangAlbany Records "Soaring Spirit" (Troy 715)
Robert and Gilda Glazer(Centaur CRC 2755)
Theme & Variations. Yizhak Schotten, viola. Great Lakes Chamber orch. Richard Rosenberg, cond. (1954 version)(Crystal Records CD635)
Theme & Variations. Emanuel Vardi/NBC Symphony/Black. (Bridge 9119)
Cod Liver Ile. Jascha Heifetz/Brooks Smith. (Heifetz Collection vol. 35 BMG/RCA 09026-61766-2) *CD reissue
Rendezvous. Benny Goodman & Stuyvesant Quartet. Complete broadcast of 8/19/46 Sounds of Yesteryear DSOY 837
Rendezvous for Clarinet & String Quartet. Richard Stoltzman/Tashi. (BMG/RCA 7901-2-RC)
Rendezvous for Clarinet & Piano / Maureen Hurd, clarinetMSR Classics 1314
Seasons' Greetings: The Fantastic Strings of Felix Slatkin (Christmas Carols arranged by Alan Shulman)Amazon, RGM-1076
Many Moons. Based on James Thurber Fable. (Columbia Young People's Records, 78 r.p.m, #MJV46) 1948. Out of Print.
Modern Music for Clarinet: Artie Shaw & The New Music Quartet.
Rendezvous for Clarinet & String Quartet.
Mood in Question for Clarinet, String Quartet & Harp.
(Columbia LP ML 4260), Chronological Classics 1368*, The Artistry of Artie Shaw Hep Records CD 78;Sony Classical 19075925432
Mood in Question. Maxine Sullivan/John Kirby: Biggest Little Band in the Land. Circle CD 125.

Rise Stevens: The Pop Side. Alan Shulman Arrangements (Uncredited).
Rise Stevens: Dearly Beloved (credited)

Sony Special Products CD/A34228 CCM-067-2
Flare ROYCD 256

The New Friends of Rhythm 1939-1947. (Hep 1086)
Maxine Sullivan 1944-1948. w/NFofR. Legend CD 6004, BHJ-303*
Professor Visits Harlem / Anthology of Swing Strings 1930s-1950s (includes New Friends of Rhythm)AB Fable ABCD1-018
Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra. Leonard Rose
New York Philharmonic/Dimitri Mitropoulos.
Nickson Private Issue 02/2000-3
Concerto for Violoncello & Orchestra. Wesley Baldwin/Jean Reis/Hot Springs Festival Orchestra (Works for Cello) Troy 1187
Song of the Moon Festival in the Woods. Danielle Woerner Troy 877
Cris Williamson (2 Alan Shulman arrangements) Wolf Moon WMR 927
A Laurentian Overture. Guido Cantelli. NBC Symphony 3/1/52 Pristine PASC457 / Bridge 9119
Alan Shulman on Record - Selected Discography:
Kreiner String Quartet: (78 rpm) (1936-37)
Boccherini: Quartet in A, Op 33/6.(Friends of Recorded Music 1&2)
Mozart: Quartet in E-flat, K. 171.(Friends of Recorded Music 3&4)
Griffes: First Indian Sketch. (Friends of Recorded Music 5a)
Mozart: Quartet No. 1 in G, K. 80. (Victor M-393)
Quartet No. 13 in d, K. 173. (Victor M-393)
Roy Harris: Chorale for String Sextet. (Victor-12537)
Malipiero: Rispetti e Strambotti. (Victor M-397)
Beryl Rubinstein: Passpied. (Victor M-397)
Stuyvesant String Quartet: (78 rpm) (1939-42)
J. S. Bach: Musical Offering, BWV 1079. (Victor M-709)
Wedding Cantata, BWV 202. Elisabeth Schumann, Stuyvesant Quartet, 1939. (Victor M-664) & Gemm CDS 9900
Bloch: String Quartet No. 1. (Columbia M-392)
Ravel: Introduction and Allegro. (Columbia X-167)
A. Scarlatti: Sonata a Quattro. (Columbia 17214-D)
Gabrieli: Three Ricercari. (Columbia 70366)
Prokofiev: String Quartet No. 1, Op. 50. (Columbia M-448)
Shostakovich: Quartet No. 1, Opus 49. (Columbia X-231)
Piano Quintet, Op. 57. (Columbia M-483)
Stuyvesant String Quartet (78 rpm) (1947-8) Sylvan Shulman/Bernard Robbins/Ralph Hersh/Alan Shulman
Villa-Lobos: String Quartet No. 6. (International Records 301) & Parnassus CD 96026
Bloch: String Quartet No. 2. (International 302)
Brahms: Clarinet Quintet, Op. 115. w/Alfred Gallodoro (International 303)
(above also issued by Concert Hall Records on LP 33 1/3 rpm)(Bridge CD 9397)
Stuyvesant String Quartet (33 1/3 LP) (1950-54)
Hindemith: String Quartet No. 1, Op. 10. (Nonesuch H1006/71006) (Parnassus CD 96026)
Malipiero: Rispetti e Strambotti. (Nonesuch H1006/71006) ( Bridge CD 9137)
Boccherini: Quintet in D. w/Rey de la Torre, guitar (PH 101) (Bridge CD 9188)
Ravel: String Quartet in F. (Nonesuch H1007/71007) (Bridge CD 9137)
Debussy: String Quartet in g, Op. 10. (Nonesuch H1007-71007) (Bridge CD 9137)
Mozart: String Quartet in D, K. 575. (Nonesuch H1035/71305) (Bridge CD 9397)
String Quartet in D, K. 499. (Nonesuch H1035/71305) (Bridge CD 9397)
Bax: Quintet(Philharmonia 102) (Artek AR-0067-2)
Ibert: Trio(Philharmonia 102) (Artek AR-0067-2)
Malipiero: Sonata a Cinque(Philharmonia 102) (Artek AR-0067-2)
(Above reissues of Philharmonia Records PH 100/101/102/104/105)
Also recorded, not reissued to date: (various ensembles)
Kreisler: Quartet in a minor. (Philharmonia 107/Columbia/Odyssey Y35933) LP
Paganini: Quartet in E major. (PH 107/Odyssey Y35933)
Philharmonia Trio: (1966) (w/ Charles Libove, violin & Nina Lugovoy, piano)
Henry Cowell: Piano Trio.(CRI 211)
Alexander Semmler: Piano Trio.(CRI 211)
Vardi Trio: (1970-72) (Emanuel Vardi, violin & Edwin Hymovitz, piano)
Schumann: Trio in d, Op.63. (Music Minus One #35)
Ravel: Trio in a. (Music Minus One #38)(3707CD)
Beethoven: Trios, Op.121 & Op.Posth. (Music Minus One #41, (3710CD)
Schubert: Trio in Bb, Op. 99. (Music Minus One #81)(3711CD)
Haydn: Piano Trios (Harriet Wingreen, piano). (Music Minus One)(3363CD)
Mozart: Piano Quartet, K.493. (Music Minus One)(6021CD)
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