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Marine Foul-Release

Ecological Coatings is a proud sponsor of skipper Steve Black's "Around the World Alone" campaign aboard the 50' racing sloop West Marine and chosen for the West Marine to provide increased speed, easy cleaning, and long term durability.

4000 Series Marine Coating

Ecological Coatings Foul-Release Coating System, is revolutionizing the market for salt and fresh water hull coatings, offering all the advantages of foul-release, low energy surface coatings and solves the durability problems of other soft systems.

4000 Series Marine and Foul-Release Coatings are environmentally friendly, waterborne, low VOC (volatile organic compound), non-leaching, non-toxic, doesn't kill or harm any marine organisms and doesn't rely on the principle of eluting silicon oils to retain its effectiveness. Its unique silicone-epoxy chemistry endows the product with extremely good adhesion and tensile strength. 4000 Series adheres readily to most barrier and primer coats. Its elastic modulus enables it to deform and resist impact damage. Inherent lubricity improves fuel economy, reduces engine strain and increases speed. It's foul release properties result in low bio-fouling adhesion from Zebra mussels, quagga mussels, barnacles, tube worms and all bacterial and algal biofilms. Foul-Release means easy clean!  Coated surfaces become self cleaning if the craft is used regularly at reasonable speed.

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