Zone 3 or hardier plants including roses, propagated and grown by Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm with links to pictures (when available). Our Plant sale is May 15 to July 4; 10 AM to 2 PM. Click here for more info. Click picture for more information or scroll down to the descriptions and click a link. If the pictures dont open go to

Aucubaefolia Lilac & Belle Poitevine Hybrid Rugosa Rose

Andenken an Ludwig Spaeth Lilac & Harison's Yellow Rose



78) AGINCOURT BEAUTY (Syringa vulgaris hybrid Lilac


8) 'BELLE_POITEVINE' Hybrid Rugosa Rose


9) 'BLANC_DOUBLE_DE_COUBERT'_Hybrid Rugosa Rose


13) 'CHAMPLAIN' Explorer

zone3-9_3'x3'_cont_2.5 inch red flowers_AH-0/0(1995)_Svejda1982

99) CHARLES ALBANEL Hybrid Rugosa Rose

Zones 2-10_recurrent_AH-0/0(2005)_red-pink flowers_1.5'x3'

81) DARK NIGHT (Syringa vulgaris hybrid Lilac


95) DAVID THOMPSON Hybrid Rugosa Rose

Zones 3-9, 5 feet tall, recurrent, red-purple, semi-double and double, 2.5inch flowers, 1979

96) DELICATA Hybrid Rugosa Rose,

zones 3-9, 4 feet tall, 3.5 inches, pink semi-double flowers, AH-0/0(2005), Cooling1898

20) 'DORTMUND'_Hybrid Kordesii CLimber

zone 3_8'x6'_rep_red&white_AH-0/0(1995)_Kordes1955

97) FIMBRIATA Hybrid Rugosa Rose

aka 'Phoebe's Frilled Pink' or 'Dianthiflora' (Rugosa x Noisette), zone 3-8, 5'x4', recurrent, 3 inch semi-double pink flowers_AH-0/0(2005)_Morlet1891



25) 'FRU_DAGMAR_HASTRUP'_Hybrid Rugosa Rose

zone3-8 (both Wilde & Ondra agree here)_3'x3'_recurrent_pink_AH-1/0(1995)_Marlet1891

132) Amelanchier canadensis 'Glennform'

zone3_white flowers in spring_16' x 16'_foliage gradually changes through a rainbow of colors from green in summer to red in autumn. Hedgeform of Serviceberry, upright branching to 16 feet, resists mildew, autumn foliage progresses from its green summer color through a rainbow of other colors before leaf drop.

29) 'HANSA' Hybrid Rugosa Rose

zone3-8_(Mckeon & Ondra both agree)_5x5_magenta

30) 'Harisons Yellow', Harison's Yellow, Harrison's Yellow, Old Scotch Rose or Hybrid Foetida Rose

(persian rose (foetida) x scotch rose (spinnosissima)) Rose, zone3, 8'x8', not-recurrent, yellow, 1/1(1995), Harison1830, Intoduced in 1830) went west with the covered wagons, My mothers was taken from her mothers garden in east Texas, 2.5 inch yellow flowers in spring with no repeat, around 10 feet tall x 10 feet wide, zones 3 to 8, tolerates some shade, likes poor soil, put this one in the back of the border water it in drought and give it an occasional dose of miracle grow and you will be amazed. Hybrid is: Lord Penzance,

101) HENRY HUDSON Explorer Rose,

zone 3-10_AH-0/0(2005)_4'x4'_recurrent_3 inch double white flowers_Svejda1976

102) JENS MUNK Hybrid Rugosa Rose,

zones 2-8_AH-0/0(2005)_6 feet tall_recurrent_3 inch red-pink semi-double flowers_

32) 'JOHN_CABOT'_Explorer Rose


33) 'JOHN_DAVIS'_Explorer Rose




36) 'MAGNIFICA'_Hybrid Rugosa Rose

zone3_6x6_rep_magenta_AH-0/0(1995) 6 feet tall and wide, may be a cross between rugosa and eglantine rose not to be confused with the eglantine rose of the same name, hardy to zone 3, .First Generation Hybrids include: Linda Campbell, Mama Mia, Sparieshoop, Starry Eyed (1990).


zone3_pink, non suckering tree to around 9 feet, zones 4 to 6, sun, These often bloom in 1 gallons

37) 'MOJE_HAMMARBERG'_Hybrid Rugosa Rose




89) French Lilac 'President Poincaire'

_/zone3_magenta red buds opening to fully double purple flowers (in spite of what others say)_Lemoine

162) Syringa 'Primrose' (Holden Arboretum derived)

_/zone3_10'_single_lemony_cream_flowers. Maarse

Even though it appears in most photos to be yellow its color is a chalk or creamy yellow that only appears yellow in contrast to white (and sometimes even then isn't what the photos show). Should be finished one gallons by 2007. We plan to use this in combination pots together with Rochester and Krasavitsa moskvy.




zone3_5'x5'_once3_pink_AH-0/0(1999)_species Noteworthy for the purple foliage and the large crop of dark colored fruit

51) Roseraie de l'hay Hybrid Rugosa Rose

zones 3-8_DR-0/0_recurrent_8 feet tall_purple_AH-0/0(2005)_France1901 Introduced by Cochet-Cochet (France) in 1901, 4 inch double red-purple flowers with a strong fragrance, The flowers are presented freely throughout the year sometimes in clusters, Rarely sets hips.



55) 'SCABROSA' Hybrid Rugosa Rose

zones 3-8_6x4_continuously blooming_5" semi-double mauve flowers_AH-0/0(2005)_Harkness1950

57) 'SIR_THOMAS_LIPTON' Hybrid Rugosa Rose,


grows to six feet, white flowers double to semi-double,

59) 'STANWELL PERPETUAL' Hybrid Scotch Rose

zones 3-8, 3.5'x3.5', pink double flowers, recurrent, fff, 0/0(1999), (spinnosissima changed to pimpinellifolia) Rose, Lee1838

61) 'THERESE BUGNET' Hybrid Rugosa Rose


ArcticRosexMeadowRosexRugosaRosexOther(EskimoRose?) a four or five species rose cross, very strong, hardy and disease resistant. newer stems show scarlet coloration in winter, good spring show of fragrant blooms with good repeat as long as you fertilize and prune.

65) William Baffin Explorer Rose 'William Baffin', Kordesii Hybrid Rose 'William Baffin' Pillar or Arching shrub rose often used as a climbing rose because of its size


I'm Andrew Van Cleve, chief grower at Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm, and I grow flowering shrubs without fungicide to reveal truly disease resistant plants. I am providing time honored, proven shrubs that are disease resistant locally (I operate my operation as a niche market, in other words I propagate plants that most places wont have, we dont grow plants that our competitors have but plants that are hard to find locally, easy to propagate and generally tolerant of local conditions).

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