Roses with pinkish flowers grown for retail sale by Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm (some of these are in the red list too). When there is a thumbnail picture clicking on the rose name will open a larger version.

098) ALEXANDER MACKENZIE Explorer Rose, (1984), zone 4, 6 feet tall, recurrent double red flowers,

126 ALTISSIMO (Tenor hybrid), (1966), ("The Encyclopedia of Roses" McKeon, 76, zones 5-9), (Taylor's Guides "Roses" Ondra, 205, zones 5-9), (Barron's, 116), ("The Organic Rose Garden" Druitt, 108), ("Classic Roses" Beales, 278), red climber, zones 5 to 9, 8 to 10 feet, large single flowers, color is like red velvet, never neads spray in my garden but dies back to ground every year then grows back 4 feet by june no problem, (A+), recurrent single red flowers,

004) Apothecary's Rose, Rosa gallica 'officinallis', Red Rose of Lancaster, (<1500), ("The Encyclopedia of Roses" McKeon, 77, zones 3-8), ("The Natural Rose Gardener" Walheim, 49), ("The Organic Rose Garden" Druitt, 109), ("David Austin's English Roses" Austin, 60), ("Designing With Roses" Lord, 17, 130), ("Growing Roses For Small Gardens" Gibson, plate #2), ("Landscaping with Antique Roses" Druitt & Shoup, page 128, zone 3), 3 feet tall, non-recurrent, red semi-double flowers, introduced during the middle ages.

016) 'COMPLICATA' Old gallica Rose, (<1800), non recurrent, 10X6, 5 petaled flowers 4 inches across, ("Best Rose Guide" Phillips & Rix, sh33, zone 4), ("Roses" Beales, 148, exceptional, even in poor soils.), ("The Encyclopedia of Roses" McKeon, 97, zones 4-8), ("The Art of Gardening with Roses" Thomas, sh34 & 35), (Cruse, 62), ("Roses Of America" Scanniello, 60), ("Classic Roses" Beales, 155), (Taylor's Guides "Roses" Ondra, page 53, zones 5-8),

29) 'HANSA' Hybrid Rugosa Rose, zone 3, 5 feet tall, recurrent

187 Henri Martin (1862), 'Red Moss', moss rose, zones 4 thru 8, 5 feet x 5 feet (laffay, ), non recurrent, 2.5 inch strongly fragrant reddish semi double to double flowers

43) 'PARADE'_(New Dawn Hybrid) Climber,

50) Rosarium Uetersen _CLIMBER (Taylor's Guides "Roses" Ondra, 216, zones 4-9), ("Growing Roses Organically" Wilde, 186, zones 4-10, DR-1/0), ("Climbing Roses of The World" Quest-Ritson, plate 134), ("Beautiful American Rose Gardens" Dorra, 30), 10x6, pink climber or shrub, tall with large flowers, Kordes 1977,

145 Soupert et Notting, Perpetual flowering Damask Moss, (1874) zone 5, 3 feet tall, non-recurrent, pink,

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10-345AG7$30 which obviously means inventory number ten thousand, three hundred fourty five that has previously flowered verifying the variety (A) in a 7 gallon pot ( the number preceded by G is gallon preceded by a Q would be a quart) for 30 dollars. I try to alternate numbers and letters or symbols to make it easier to read. Only the first 5 digits will be found on the plant. The PRICE will apear in the catalog next to the inventory number as shown above. Roses with inventory numbers 10-500 and above are usually around $20, 10-499 and below are around $30.

CHOOSING, GROWING and CARING for ROSES in the NORTHEASTERN UNITED STATES is my article on growing roses in the capital district.

Scots Roses 'A Personal Crusade in Search of Scots Roses' by Peter D. A. Boyd is available at

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Look up books that have pictures of these roses. If you look you will see they dont always agree on hardiness. But its good to read what they have said in order to have greater insight into what you choose. Most of these people experienced these roses in areas of the world other than yours.


The prescence of a book on this list does not indicate that I agree with the methods or information provided by the author. Its just that they have a picture of the rose in question on the page indicated. These books were chosen either because they were already in my library, a picture was included that I'd had some difficulty finding, or because I try to pick as diverse books as possible not knowing what will be easily available to you where you are. Each book has a little blurb by me at the end that you might take as a short review.

("Roses of America" Scanniello), "Roses of America" by Stephen Scanniello and Tania Bayard, photography by Albert Squillace, The Brooklyn botanic Gardens guide to our national flower. copyright 1990 by Sammis. publishing Corp., ISBN 0-8050-1241-9, A+, well done, good source. Stephen and Company has done it again. current page I'm cataloging on is 94. Planting where another rose has been:page 173, Pruning:178, training a rambler:page 180, winter protection for climbers, tree roses etc:190.

("Growing Roses Organically" Wilde), "Growing Roses Organically" by Barbara Wilde, Illustrations by Michael Gellatly and Adam McCauley, Distributed in the Book Trade by St. Martins Press, ISBN 0-87596-880-5, A+, well done, All done.

("The Art of Gardening With Roses" Thomas), "The Art of Gardening With Roses" by Graham Stuart Thomas with Photographs by Bob Gibbons a John Macrae Book, Henry Holt and Company, New York 1991, ISBN 0-8050-1533-7, A+, I love this book.

("Roses, Old Roses and Species Roses" Cruse), "Roses Old Roses and Species Roses", Photographs by Paul Starosta, Text by Eleonore Cruse, ISBN 3-8228-7761-1 printed in Italy beautifully intense photos.

("The Natural Rose Gardener" Walheim), "The Natural Rose Gardener" by Lance Walheim many pictures I couldn't find elsewhere.

(Sunset Book "Roses" White), "Roses" by Hazel White published by Sunset ISBN 0-376-03659-1

("Climbing Roses Of The World" Quest-Ritson), "Climbing Roses Of The World" by Charles Quest-Ritson Timber Press 2003, ISBN 0-88192-563-2, A+, A really fine source. many pictures I couldn't find elsewhere. A well designed book that I am glad to have in my personal Library. Well worth the $35 I paid.

("500 Popular Roses For American Gardeners" Barron's), "500 Popular Roses For American Gardeners" published in 1999 by Barron's Educational Series ISBN 0-7641-0851-4 many pictures I couldn't find elsewhere.

("Beautiful American Rose Gardens" Dorra). "Beautiful American Rose Gardens" by Mary Tonetti Dorra, photographs by Richard Felber, Clarkson Potter publishers in New York. copyright 1999 by Mary Tonetti Dorra, photographs copyright 1999 by Richard Felber ISBN 0 -- 609 -- 60080 -- X although it has many fine pictures its propensity toward hybrid teas and the confusion innate in every photo as far as identifying which rose is which, makes this book hard to use.

("The Organic Rose Garden" Druitt), "The Organic Rose Garden" by Liz Druitt, Photography by Virginia Brown, Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas, Copyright 1996, ISBN 0-87833-906-X, A+, I enjoyed reading this years ago. It still is filled with all sorts of good information. One thing to remember is that she gardens in Texas (a milder climate than the Northeast).

("David Austin's English Roses" Austin), "David Austin's English Roses" by David Austin, Photographs by Clay Perry, text copyright 1993 by David Austin, published by Conran Octopus Limited in Great Britain, ISBN 0-316-05975-7 A+, current page I'm on is 96.

("Designing With Roses" Lord), "Designing With Roses" Tony Lord, Copyright Frances Lincoln Limited 1999, Text Copyright by Tony Lord in 1999, Trafalgar Square Publishing, North Pomfret, VT 05053, ISBN 1-57076-148-5, A+, showing high quality pictures of the whole plant combined with perennials, shrubs and more. Im done. Every rose picture is now listed here.

("Classic Roses" Beales), "Classic Roses" by Peter Beales, published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston of 383 Madison Avenue in New York City 10017, Copyright in 1985 by Peter Beales, ISBN 0-03-006022-2, A+, I got this copy through the interlibrary loan system from Bethlehem Public Library, 451 Deleware Ave, Delmar, NY 12054. Certainly one of the most comprehensive works dedicated to the Rose. I'm done. Every rose picture is in this list. (out of 432 pages).

("Growing Roses For Small Gardens" Gibson), "Growing Roses For Small Gardens" by Michael Gibson, published by Timber Press, 9999 S.W. Wilshire, Portland, Oregon 97225 1990, ISBN 0-88192-186-6, Got this directly from Timber Press in 1991.

(Taylor's Guides "Roses" Ondra), Taylor's Guides "Roses" by Nancy J. Ondra, published by Houghton Mifflin Company, ISBN 0-618-06888-0, good pictures and hardiness zones. I'm on page 191.

("The Encyclopedia of Roses" McKeon), "The Encyclopedia of Roses" by Judith C. McKeon, published by Rodale Press, Emmaus, PA 18098 ISBN 0-87596-656-X, Got this from The Voorheesville Public Library in Voorheesville, NY 12186. At the time this book was published the author was chief horticulturist at the Morris Arboretum and in charge of the Arboretum Rose garden.

("Roses" Beales), "Roses" by Peter Beales, A John Macrae Book, Henry Holt and Company, New York 1992, ISBN 0-8050-2053-5, Borrowed from the Yonder Farms Library.

("Best Rose Guide" Phillips & Rix), "Best Rose Guide" by Roger Phillips & Martyn Rix, A Firefly Book, Firefly Books (US) Inc., P.O. Box 1338, Ellicott Station, Buffalo, New York 14205. 2004, ISBN 1-55297-844-3, Got it from the New book section at the Guilderland Library, Rt. 20 in Guilderland, NY on April 1, 2005. Dont know that its the best Guide but it has many fabtastic pictures. Am now on Gloire d'Orient ("Best Rose Guide" Phillips & Rix, 72, zone5(-20f)1856 Moss, 5 feet),

("Landscaping with Antique Roses" Druitt & Shoup), "Landscaping with Antique Roses" by Liz Druitt & G. Michael Shoup, The Taunton Press, Inc, 63 South Main Street, Box 5506, Newtown CT 06470-5506 1992. ISBN 0-942391-64-0. Got it from the Deleware Branch of the Albany Public Library in Albany, NY. Really good, shows pruning, training and pictures how it should be used in Landscape.

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