Labels are attached to each plant just before it is photographed for the first time. Each label is yellow and has an individual inventory number and our web address for my home page at

The inventory numbers are used in the file name the picture is stored under in the computer or referenced in the catalog. Because we dont sell plants until they bloom our customers dont buy unless they are satisfied that the one they are buying is the one they want.

All the pictures will be posted here. If the pictures below dont open click here.

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This picture of 'Sarah Sands' Lilac or 11326picture.jpg is representative of the pictures of each plant we are growing (15 to 24 pictures per page). I'll add comments after each file name.

My main home page from which you will find a link to a catalog from which there are links to pictures is at  An introduction to my growing methods (I am a grower) is at   We sell plants during the plant sale at   We do a little mail order at  andyvancleve