People track what I am doing, how plants are growing and what's new by checking the pictures in my newsletter. I add new pictures of each crop of plants we are growing, closeups of flowers, fruit, fall foliage on plants for sale, and pictures of our Nursery Operation, to the picture-newsletter every week. Click on this month below to see what the nursery and plants look like. Click other months to see what they looked like then.

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Lilacs in the field Pictures of Lilacs growing in our fields before being brought to the plant sale.

Inventory pictures of plants being grown at the flowering shrub farm in Voorheesville, NY saved as "growingcrop.jpg".

Old Rose scroll through this page and find pictures taken of Old Garden Roses from the newsletter. Our old roses were introduced before the American Civil War and are locally disease resistant and hardy.

What we do and when we do it with pictures

Transplanting from one pot into another slightly larger with pictures.

Lilacrow scroll through this page and find pictures taken of lilacs in the field over the last year.

Lilac Pruning is a page devoted to pictures of Lilacs that have been cut back to the ground, 4 inches, 12 inches, 2 feet and 3 feet along with later pictures showing how they grew afterward.


Monge Lilac I have just added a bunch of pictures of the Monge crop and expect some of them to flower this May 2010.

Pinxterbloom Azalea Pictures and information of the Pinxterbloom Azalea crop.

Propagat scroll through this page for an explanation of how I proppagate plants using the last year of newsletter pictures.

Purple flowering plants As many of our customers are interested in Lilacs, Roses, Azaleas and more that have purple flowers, I have these pictures linked to more information and pictures.

Rhododendron article with pictures taken from the newsletter.

Roses my rose article with pictures from the newsletter.

Insects or how we deal with pest control at the Flowering Shrub Farm

Climbing Roses

Albarose Catalog showing inventory pictures of Rosa alba

Damask Catalog showing inventory pictures of Rosa damascena

applebuy is a list with pictures of the espalier trained apple trees we sell.

Picture Newsletter #210 FEBRUARY

Picture Newsletter #211 122706:December 27, 2006 Christmas

Picture newsletter #212 harisons yellow

Picture Newsletter #213 harisons yellow

Picture Newsletter #214 felicite parmentier alba

Picture Newsletter #215 empty

Picture Newsletter #216 MAY 20 to 31 2009

Picture Newsletter #217 scabrosa

Picture Newsletter #218 espalier pear

Picture Newsletter #219 felicite parmentier alba

Picture Newsletter #220 December 2008

Picture Newsletter #221 aphid insect on fantin latour

Picture Newsletter #222 fruhlingsmorgen

Picture newsletter #223 leverkusen

Picture newsletter #224 stanwell perpetual

Picture Newsletter #225 belle de crecy

Picture Newsletter #226 front side walk

Picture Newsletter #198 sample

Picture Newsletter #227 konigin von danemark alba

Picture Newsletter #228 November 12, 2008; upper field lilacs, belgian fence espalier apple, our trucks, cold frame, staging area,

Picture Newsletter #229 October 2008; father hugo's rose fall foliage, roseraie de l'hay fall foliage, Don burying roses in fall preparing for winter,

Picture newsletter #230 celsiana damask,

Picture newsletter #231 October 2009

Picture newsletter #232

Picture newsletter #233

crop 234 Picture Newsletter

Picture newsletter #235

Picture Newsletter #236

crop237 Picture Newsletter

crop238 Picture Newsletter

crop239 Picture Newsletter

crop240 102608:October 26, 2008 Don moving plants.

crop241 August 2, 2008; New Dawn flower. August 7, 2008; geranium fruit, henri martin fruit, schneezwerg fruit, snow dwarf fruit, william baffin fruit, August 10, 2008; alberic barbier flower, celestial alba fruit, rosa mundi fruit, rotesmeer fruit, scabrosa fruit, schneekoppe fruit, August 25, 2008; geranium fruit turning orange



crop244 July 2009


crop246 Plants on display along the sidewalk in front of Azalea House in 45 gallon pots.

crop247 061908 Phylody

crop248 JUNE 11 to 13, 2009


crop250 JUNE 8 to 10, 2009

crop251 JUNE 4 to 7, 2009


crop254 JUNE 16 to 28, 2009

ROW D Crop 255 Pictures taken of ROW D Lilacs in the field throughout the year.

ROW E Crop 256

ROW F Crop 257

ROW G Crop 258

ROW H Crop 259

ROW I Crop 260







Crop 261

Crop 262

Crop 263 January picture newsletter

Crop 264

Crop 265

Crop 266 November 2009

Crop 267 Hippolyte Hybrid Gallica Rose 062008 10_600

Crop 268 061808 Pictures of Roses taken June 18, 2008; Anais segales, apothecary's rose, belle de crecy, belle poitevine, celeste alba, celestial alba, celsiana damask, comte de chambord, felicite parmentier, four seasons, hippolyte, new dawn, rotesmeer,

Crop 269 (numbered rose for sale) Hippolyte Hybrid Gallica Rose 062008 10_603

Crop 270 (numbered rose for sale) Hippolyte Hybrid Gallica Rose 062008 10_604

Crop 271 (numbered rose for sale) Crested Moss #10_171 on 062208

Crop 272 060307:June 3, 2007; Dortmund, Hansa, Delicata, Snow Dwarf, Autumn Damask Four Seasons,

Crop 273 Leverkusen Report to be redone in June 2009

Crop 274 060399:June 3, 1999; Rosa moyesii 'Geranium'

Crop 275 062300:June 23, 2000; apothecary's rose gallica, rose hedge, john davis, 061000:June 10, 2000; fruhlingsgold, alchymist

Crop 276 June 15, 2006:061506, June 17, 2006:061706. cardinal de richelieu gallica, rose de rescht portland, city of york climbing, rose du roi portland.

Crop 277 June 11, 2008:061108, June 13, 2008:061308

Crop 278 June 8, 2008:060808, June 10, 2008:061008, belle de crecy gallica, celsiana damask, complicata gallica, Four Seasons Autumn Damask, geranium moyesii, apothecary's rose gallica, city of york climbing, leverkusen climbing, schneekoppe rugosa, schneezwerg snow dwarf rugosa, tuscany superb gallica

Crop 279 June 10, 2007; 061007, June 12, 2007; 061207, June 13, 2007; 061307; celsiana damask, four seasons autumn damask, belle poitevine rugosa, lichtkonigin lucia, stanwell perpetual, william lobb old velvet moss, apothecary's rose gallica,

Crop 280 June 9, 2006; 060906, June 12, 2006; 061206; soupert et notting, william baffin, delicata rugosa, linda campbell rugosa, rose de rescht portland,

Crop 281 June 7, 2007; 060707, June 7, 2008; 060708; fantin latour centifolia, hansa rugosa, john cabot, rose de rescht portland, schneekopp rugosa, alba semi plena white rose of york,

Crop 282 060408, 060508, 060605; harison's yellow, roseraie de l'hay rugosa, syringa vulgaris president poincaire lilac, syringa vulgaris sylvan beauty lilac,

Crop 283 060206, 060307, 060406; margueritte hilling moyesii, mrs anthony waterer rugosa, agnes rugosa, four seasons autumn damask, delicata rugosa, hansa rugosa,

Crop 284 060106, 060107, 060108; margueritte hilling moyesii, cold frame inside, harison's yellow, syringa vulgaris krasavitsa moskvy, staging area, red leaved species,

Crop 285 Picture Newsletter august 10, 2008; celestial alba fruit 10605, scabrosa rugosa fruit 10650, scabrosa rugosa fruit 10651, schneekoppe rugosa fruit 10148,

Crop 286 Picture Newsletter august 7, 2008; geranium moyesii fruit, henri martin moss rose fruit, schneezwerg rugosa fruit, snow dwarf rugosa fruit, william baffin fruit,

Crop 287 Picture Newsletter july 24, 2008; hansa rugosa fruit, harison's yellow fruit, scabrosa rugosa fruit,

Crop 288 Picture Newsletter july 23, 2008; geranium moyesii fruit, red leaved rose fruit,

Crop 289 Picture Newsletter june 4, 2008; harison's yellow,

Crop 290 Picture Newsletter june 1, 2008; harison's yellow, red leaved species,

Crop 291 Picture Newsletter June 26, 28 & 29, 2008; ispahan damask, belle poitevine rugosa,

Crop 292 Picture Newsletter June 20 & 21, 2008; anais segales centifolia (gallica?), belle de crecy gallica, celeste celestial alba, felicite parmentier alba, hippolyte gallica

Crop 293 Picture Newsletter June 17 & 18, 2008; henri martin red moss, comte de chambord portland, felicite parmentier alba, hippolyte gallica, rotesmeer purple pavement rugosa,

Crop 294 Picture Newsletter June 15 & 16, 2008; albertine rambler, chapeau de napoleon, crested moss, alchymist shrub rose, fantin latour centifolia rose, Pauls Himalayan musc species rambler,

Crop 295 Picture Newsletter June 13, 2008; celsiana damask, hippolyte gallica, ispahan damask, kazanlik damask, konigin von danemark alba, mme hardy damask, rosa centifolia, tuscany superb gallica,

Crop 296 Picture Newsletter June 11, 2008; constance spry climber, ispahan damask, plant sale, rosa mundi gallica,

Crop 297 Picture Newsletter June 10, 2008; apothecary's rose gallica, city of york climber, leverkusen climber, schneekoppe rugosa, schneezwerg rugosa, tuscany superb gallica,

Crop 298 Picture Newsletter June 8, 2008; belle de crecy hybrid gallica, celsiana damask, complicata gallica, autumn damask, geranium moyesii,

Crop 299 Picture Newsletter May 23 to June 7, 2008 - fruhlingsmorgen, roserai de l'Hay, alba semi-plena,

Crop 300 Picture Newsletter May 12, 2008 - lilac; syringa microphylla superba, aucubaefolia, ludwig spaeth, sensation

Crop 301 053100:May 31, 2000; Fruhlingsmorgen

Crop 302 051707:May 17, 2007; Ludwig Spaeth Lilac

Crop 303 Picture Newsletter

Crop 304 Picture Newsletter

Crop 305 Picture Newsletter

Crop 306 Picture Newsletter

Crop 307 MAY 6 to 16 2009

Crop 308 Picture Newsletter 050809

Crop 309 Picture Newsletter 051406, 052308, 052706, 052808, 053007

Crop 310 Picture Newsletter 050806, 051106, 051208

Crop 311 Picture Newsletter

Crop 312 Picture Newsletter

Crop 313 Picture Newsletter

Crop 314 Picture Newsletter

Crop 315 Picture Newsletter

Crop 316 Picture Newsletter

Crop 317 Picture Newsletter

Crop 318 Picture Newsletter

Crop 319 Picture Newsletter

Crop 320 April 2009

Crop 321 Picture Newsletter December 2009

Crop 322 Picture Newsletter

Crop 323 Picture Newsletter

Crop 324 Picture Newsletter

Crop 325 Picture Newsletter

Crop 326 Picture Newsletter

Crop 327 Picture Newsletter

Crop 328 Picture Newsletter

Crop 329 Picture Newsletter

Crop 330 Picture Newsletter

Crop 331 March 2009

Crop 332 Picture Newsletter

Crop 333 Picture Newsletter

Crop 334 Picture Newsletter February 12, 2009 showing 'Ludwig Spaeth' Lilacs in the field and stage of growth preparatory to digging 50 or more for the spring sale.

Crop 335 Picture Newsletter March 2008 Spring flowering bulbs act as indicator plants for us in the nursery. When they start to flower we havve a 2 week countdown to when the lilacs will be at bud break.

At the beginning of each month I start an issue in one of several hundred past newsletter pages and send a link to my subscribers. Every several days I'll add more pictures, comments and links to other pages. After a week or two I link the page to the month shown on my home page.

Pictures of flowers are often of the inventory type with the date the picture was taken within the picture. Each inventory picture is saved using a file name that starts with the inventory number of the actual plant either for sale or in the garden for propagation, ending with the date. Simply by saving the picture without the date I can overwrite the picture in a crop page for that variety alone.

Most of the plants have more than one season of interest. So I try to take pictures of the plants we grow when they are blooming but also in fall with decorative foliage or fruit and in winter when covered with ice and snow.

Potential Customers subscribe and I send a link to them from the latest picture-newsletter. When they see something they like they come buy it in bloom. I like to hear your comments so please email me and subscribe if you haven't already. Those who dont subscribe will have to wait for the most recent pictures until part way through each month but can still enjoy last year at this time.


Pictures are taken each month of snow, sleet and freezing rain on plants, fruit, foliage, together with propagation, planting, repotting or nursery maintenence at the Flowering Shrub Farm in Voorheesville, NY. and placed together with comments and links in one of the pages below. Each picture newsletter is linked from its month (January, february, March etc.) on my home page at People who subscribe receive a link to the page from the first of the month whereas those who dont subscribe can see the current picture newsletter as of the third week of each month. Having that advance information becomes more important during the plant sale when subscribers may be interested in purchasing some of the plants shown.

Every few days throughout each month, I add several more pictures, comments and links (with the most recent additions added at the top) before I start another similar page the following month (more about the newsletter at bottom). Clicking on a picture may open a larger version with more detail.

My main home page from which you will find a link to a catalog from which there are links to pictures is at  An introduction to my growing methods (I am a grower) is at   We sell plants during the plant sale at   We do a little mail order at   andyvancleve

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